Proprietary Diagnostic Tools for Sustainability Change Management

Aleen has developed four proprietary diagnostic tools that pinpoint cultural obstacles to adoption. The data and actionable insight gleaned from these tools provide a foundation for working with an organization’s internal resources to advance sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Cultural Alignment Assessment℠
This cultural survey quickly identifies which attributes and values are needed to support your sustainable practices and which may need to be transformed. Anchored by the recognized Barrett model for cultural values assessment, this tool highlights sustainability-oriented values and develops the messaging and training programs to align internal stakeholders with the company’s vision.

Sustainability Readiness Index℠
Understanding an organization's degree of readiness for sustainability is one of the first steps toward identifying and addressing obstacles before they derail the plan. Based upon change readiness models, the Sustainability Readiness Index provides a straightforward, actionable and predictive scorecard that helps shape the design of effective sustainability programs and initiatives.

Leadership Competency Model for Sustainability℠
Aleen has identified seven primary competencies required for authentic adoption of sustainability practices in organizations. The Leadership Competency Model for Sustainability imbeds these competencies into an organization’s existing leadership competency model and/or performance management system, orienting leadership actions with sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Message Map
Effectively communicating sustainability practices can provide an important competitive advantage. With this tool, Aleen audits current marketing and internal communications material and recommends adjustments to ensure messages resonate with both internal and external stakeholders.


Business Transformation Workshops offered by Aleen Bayard

Aleen brings her energy, insight and expertise to many groups and organizations through seminars on a range of leadership and change management topics. Following are some of the most requested. Any of these can be modified to address specific organizational goals, structure or dynamics.

Topic Subjects Covered

Business Change Management 101

  • The Role of change agents in a business
  • Managing resistance to change in business practices and culture
  • The importance of making the case for change

Team Effectiveness Workshop

  • Common team issues (Tuckman’s Forming/Storming model)
  • Team Rules of Engagement & Scorecard

Best Practices for Giving Feedback

  • How to have critical conversations
  • How to deliver ‘bad’ news
  • Balancing candor with empathy

Communication and Leadership Workshop

  • Review of 4 communication styles – DiSC assessment in advance of session
  • What is flexing and how to apply it?
  • Developing Active Listening skills

Leading by Influence Workshop

  • Reciprocity strategy
  • Peer-to-peer agreements

Meeting Management Training

  • Defining the meeting purpose
  • Discuss, debate, decide matrix

Delegation Training

  • The difference between dumping and capacity building
  • How to avoid micro management

Creating a Culture of Accountability Workshop

  • Making effective agreements
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • RACI model

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

  • Goleman’s model
  • Situational leadership

Strategic Planning Workshop

  • Defining priorities
  • Alignment to Mission, Vision, Values
  • Creating a To-Stop list

Professional Vertigo SM Workshop

  • Managing transitions
  • Dealing with setbacks & failures
  • Excuse busting

Personal Branding Workshop

  • Values-based leadership
  • The impact of non-verbal communication
  • 360 selfies